Certificate of good conduct

If you are a completely new childminder, we will prepare a Certificate of good conduct (VOG) application for you digitally. The conditions for this are that you have an internet connection and an e-mail address. You must also be registered in the Municipal Personal Records Database (GBA). You also need a DigiD username and password. In connection with the online payment of the costs of the application, you must have an account at a bank that works with iDEAL.

If you do not meet all these conditions, we cannot submit your VOG application via the internet. In that case, ask us for a VOG form, which you can use to go to city hall to apply for a VOG.

Have you received your VOG? Then make sure you register in the Kroostopvang Register of Persons. When registering, submit a linking request to Kroostopvang BV or Kroostopvang Groene Rijn.

This also applies to your adult roommates (partner and children living at home) but also to people who come to your house for more than half an hour, once or more often in three months while you are minding the children. Examples may be your domestic help, an intern or a volunteer. Not sure if someone should apply for a VOG? Then contact your childminder coach.