The alternative: a nanny

Would you rather have your children taken care of at your home, so you can close the door behind you in the morning, knowing that the children are in their own environment, safely entrusted to a professional nanny?

Kinderopvang Thuis is the leading agency for childcare by nannies in the Haarlemmermeer, Duin- en Bollenstreek, Rijnland, het Groene Hart, Utrecht and Amersfoort and the surrounding area.

Regeling dienstverlening aan huis

The parents / employers do not have to pay employer contributions/tax and the nanny is entitled to a maximum of 6 weeks of sickness benefit in the event of illness.

This offers a family a lot of flexibility, but has the disadvantage for the nanny that she does not have a safety net when she can no longer work.

In the large cities and in cities where many families use childcare at home, finding a well-trained, motivated nanny - childminder at home is a tough challenge. As a family it is difficult to 'compete' with your neighbors when it comes to secondary employment conditions such as nice children, cozy neighborhood, fantastic employer, nice Christmas package, etc.

As a parent, you can consider giving a nanny better working conditions. This can be done by offering a nanny an employment contract.

For a parent-nanny partnership that is comparable to working in a day-care center / out-of-school care, a nanny will make the transition faster and easier. After all, she will then have a work position that is known to her, with continued payment in the event of illness and holidays, a safety net in the event of unemployment and perhaps also a bit of pension accrual.

Families in Amsterdam, The Hague, Heemstede, Bloemendaal, Haarlem or Wassenaar who are open to this have a greater chance of finding a suitable nanny within a reasonable period of time.

For parents who work with a nanny in paid employment, Kinderopvang Thuis provides everything that has to do with the Childcare Act, so that these parents are also entitled to a childcare allowance for the hours of childcare.

Kinderopvang Thuis works together with our sister organization Kas & Kroost for the payroll administration. You can find more information here. Kas & Kroost also advises on matters such as sickness absence insurance, etc. Would you like to know more or request a personal calculation? Please contact Carlien Langelaan