Quality is a broad concept that only has meaning when it is clear what you mean by it. For Kroostopvang, quality is the right interplay between enthusiastic, committed childminders, who care for and inspire children, accurate office workers, who ensure smooth administrative and financial settlement of the care and parents, who entrust the good care of their children to their childminder. This happens within a framework of clear mutual agreements in which coordination and personal responsibility are central.

Quality is never 'finished'. We are therefore happy to work on the further development of the agency but certainly also on the further development of the childminder. Kroostopvang offers workshops and (online) trainings. We offer every childminder and every family an annual meeting with the childminder coach, and we encourage childminders to participate in a childminder network.  Because it is stimulating to exchange ideas with colleagues about your daily work, for example during a coffee morning or intervision meeting.

Kroostopvang itself is constantly evolving. We prefer to do this in consultation with parents and childminders, to get an idea of your wishes and ideas. We involve our Parents' Committee whenever possible.