Safety and hygiene

Risk inventory & evaluation

Every year, a risk assessment and evaluation is performed for each childminder. With the childminder, any risks in the area of safety and hygiene are mapped. These risks are eliminated, or agreements are made about them. As a parent, you can find this Risk Inventory and the accompanying action plan in Mijn Kroostopvang.

Sleeping safely

Unfortunately, it occasionally happens in the Netherlands that a baby dies of infant death syndrome. This happens in daycare centres, with childminders and at home. Attention to prevention and precautionary measures can limit the risk - which appears to be relatively higher in particular for young babies between 3 and 9 months - as much as possible.

Kroostopvang makes every effort to bring the preventive measures to the attention of the childminders as well as possible. Crib, bed and box are the subject of discussion during the risk assessment; childcare is only permitted in smoke-free locations, and we inform our childminders at home about the most up-to-date information from the Dutch Centre for Youth Care. You can find more information about safe sleeping here.

Inspection of the childminder location by the GGD

Before the start of the childcare and at the request of the municipality, the Municipal Health Service inspects the location where the childminder will provide childcare. The GGD examines whether a risk assessment has been done, whether the childminder has a Certificate of Good Conduct, whether the childminder is included in the Childcare Register of Persons, whether the childminder has the correct diploma, whether they have a valid First Aid for Children certificate, has a personal pedagogical work plan and whether the living environment is safe and clean. Based on a positive recommendation by the GGD, the childminder and the childcare location can be included in the National Childcare Register. This register is public; you can find it here.

Inspection of the childminder agency by the GGD

Like every childcare agency, Kroostopvang is inspected annually by the GGD. Subjects of inspection vary from pedagogical policy to operational management, from procedures to diplomas. You can find our latest inspection reports here and here.