Requirements for our childminders


Minimum age: 20 years

Good physical and mental health in relation to childcare

Have a valid First Aid for Children certificate, registered in the Childcare Persons Register

Have a Pedagogical Employee level 3 or 4 diploma or a comparable diploma, at least MBO Helping Care and Welfare

Be able to offer continuity and stability

Be open to and respect the ideas and lifestyles of others

Be able and willing to discuss your own actions with regard to working with children (and your own children), both in contact with parents and with Kinderopvang Thuis.

Be willing to follow the rules of Kroostopvang with regard to the simultaneous care of children (in combination with your own children; meeting the legally stipulated numbers)

Be able to speak, read and understand Dutch

Discreet handling of confidential information

Guaranteeing privacy

Correct use of language

Pedagogical quality

Experience with and knowledge of children's development

Have attention for and insight into the individuality of a child

Be able to offer warmth and security to children

Be able to stimulate a child in his or her development

Be willing to educate the child with a multicultural attitude

Use punishments and rewards conscientiously, without using mental and/or physical violence

Environmental factors

Ensure a tidy, hygienic, safe and child-friendly environment

Be prepared to participate in annual risk Inventory Health & Safety at the care location

Ensure safe transportation by car, bicycle or other means of transport

Comply with a smoking ban while providing childcare (= during working hours)

Attitude of the childminder towards the parents

Be open to and respect any different ideas and the lifestyle of the parents

Have a positive attitude towards the choice of working and/or studying parents to share the raising of their children with others

Be able to empathize with the situation of the parents

Be prepared to collaborate with the parents

Be able to discuss any problems

Be able to make and comply with concrete and clear agreements with the parents, to adjust these agreements if necessary and to discuss possible differences in views

Attitude towards Kroostopvang

A positive attitude towards Kroostopvang

Be willing to collaborate with Kroostopvang and implementation of the pedagogical policy (including work plan, observations)

Be willing to accept guidance or support through Kroostopvang

Be willing to follow training courses and to participate in the annual study day

Be willing to adhere to the guidelines with regard to the reception and the matching agreements made


Have a for children 

See the importance of having an income and/or economic independence