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Why choose Kroostopvang?

Kroostopvang has been coordinating childcare for more than 16 years.

The childcare coordinator from Kroostopvang finds a childcare provider for you and your child who really fits your needs.

Kroostopvang utilises a strict selection policy when it comes to childcare providers.

Childcare providers of Kroostopvang receive regular continuing education.

Childcare providers of Kroostopvang work with a child tracking system to monitor the development of your child.

Kroostopvang arranges replacements for the holidays and illness of the childcare provider, even very early in the morning.

Kroostopvang smoothly carries out the accounting function.

Kroostopvang is a childcare benefits intermediary and can help with the application for childcare benefits or with problems with the childcare benefits.

Kroostopvang is a member of the Board of the childcare industry organisation (Brancheorganisatie Kinderopvang) and is therefore quickly up to-date about new developments and laws and regulations.

Kroostopvang is accessible daily for questions that cannot wait. We prefer that you call your own childcare coordinator or the employees at our servicedesk. If they cannot be reached quickly for whatever reason, then e-mail This mailbox is monitored daily, even in the evenings and on the weekend.


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