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Welcome to Kroostopvang

Childminder care at Kroostopvang means: good, small-scale and flexible childcare by qualified, professional working childminders. Childminders who have been individually selected by our childminder coaches, who we would confidently let care for our own children. Our childminders have a for children.

Who are we?

The philosophy and working method of Kroostopvang are the result of almost 20 years of experience in childminder care. We of the Kroostopvang team feel involved with our childminders and with the children and their parents. We believe that every child should be able to develop at his or her own pace, to just be a child. The collaboration between the childminder and parents makes it possible for each child to flourish in his or her own way.

Kroostopvang offers the childminder the tools and support to be able to do the work professionally. To this end, a childminder with us can count on our childminder coaching, supplemental training in the form of our annual study day and many training sessions, workshops, and childminder meetings (intervision) and online training for childminders who prefer supplemental training at their own pace and at home.

Kroostopvang collaborates with Kinderopvang Thuis to offer parents and children the most suitable form of small-scale childcare, at a certified childminder's home or at your home cared for by a nanny.

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