Workshops and trainings

Supplementary education

As a childminder, you commit yourself daily to the development of the children in your care. For example, you are consciously engaged with healthy nutrition, speech and language development, you know the talents and preferences of the children, and you build on those to let the children take the next step.

Kroostopvang also wants you to take the next step, by having you regularly consider the way you do your work. What do you enjoy? Where do you get your motivation? What do you want to achieve, and how are you going to get there?

All childminders - home teachers are thoroughly prepared, prior to the start of the daycare, for their tasks, the GGD inspection and registration, and practical matters are often discussed in a personal conversation.

Each year, we organize a Kroostopvang Study Day, and you are offered training courses and workshops on relevant topics throughout the year. These are opportunities to gain a fresh perspective and to get in touch with fellow childminders.