When our first child was born in 2012, we consciously opted for a childminder. We wanted our child to grow up in a homely environment, where you come into contact with daily things such as shopping, washing and gardening. Many of our friends made use of Kroostopvang, and we were convinced by the positive stories. 

After the first conversation, we were already sure; we felt understood and taken seriously. We are very satisfied with Kroostopvang, and in 2018, we even registered our third child. 

We cannot do without Kroostopvang. Because of the stable childcare that is offered to our children, we are able to have good jobs. The childminder selected for us by Kroostopvang is a real winner. The children go to the childminder every week with great pleasure and enthusiasm. We would not have had this childminder without Kroostopvang.


We like the idea of our children being cared for in a homely atmosphere. When they are a little older, they will have to spend enough time in large groups. Let them explore the world as a baby and toddler in a small-scale environment. 

That is how we ended up at the Kroostopvang childminder agency. And we have been pleasantly surprised! At a daycare centre, there are always teachers available, and with a childminder, you work with one regular childminder. But substitutes are always available with Kroostopvang, should our own childminder be ill. There is good consultation, and another childminder is quickly found. For us, this means that we bring our children to our childminder with confidence, knowing that she finds the same things important in upbringing as we do.


I came to Kroostopvang on the advice of a good friend, and I met an enthusiastic, fantastic team and childminders. I was surprised by all the help I received in finding the most suitable childminder. And my questions are always answered quickly. For me, Kroostopvang means that I can go to work in peace, knowing that my child is in good hands, because Kroostopvang meets its responsibilities and is reliable.