Working with a ♥ for children

As a childminder, our mission is central in your work. That mission is: Playing, learning and educating in an atmosphere of homeliness and security with a heart for children.

If you know what you want to do (mission), the next question you ask is how you want to do it. The 'how' is about passion, enthusiasm and involvement. 

The job description for childminders for Kroostopvang lists the qualities that we would like to see in a childminder. Examples are a sense of responsibility, caring, playful, optimistic, interested and sweet! Kroostopvang is constantly looking for childminders who have (a number of) these characteristics.

In collaboration with the parents, the childminders form the basis for offering children safety and security, and they are the source of inspiration for children to develop and grow further. Childminders help children to gain new experiences and to be well prepared to move independently into the wider world.

We encourage the development and growth of our childminders. Learning and growing in your work creates a challenge in your life. When you start working as a childminder through Kroostopvang, we assume that you enjoy thinking about your work and your own professional development.

It is of course logical that you deserve good compensation for your efforts. You work as a childminder as a freelancer or self-employed person, so you can determine your rate yourself. Kroostopvang recommends € 5.65 per hour per child as a guideline.