pedagogical plan and observations

To achieve pedagogical goals, a childminder has a number of 'instruments' available. Examples are the environment inside and outside, the materials (including toys) used in the care, the daily rhythm maintained and the childminder's own attitude and way of communicating. In a personal pedagogical work plan, each childminder describes how the childcare is designed and which instruments are used to achieve the pedagogical goals of Kroostopvang. The pedagogical work plan of the childminder is therefore an important part of the general pedagogical policy plan. You can find our pedagogical policy plan in Mijn Kroostopvang

When childcare has started and childminders and parents have been working together for a few months, Kroostopvang recommends taking some time to evaluate the progress of the childcare together. Ziko-Vo and Mijn Portret are child observation methods available to the childminder. The childminder coach from Kroostopvang will provide guidance.