Information for childminders

As a childminder, you are responsible for the daily supervision, development and care of children in your own home.

At Kroostopvang, trying, learning and doing are central. We believe that you as a childminder can contribute enormously to the development of children's talents and qualities because you can use every moment of the day, every activity, large or small, as a learning opportunity.

This develops the talents of the children for whom you care and develops your own talents. As a childminder, you are open to other insights, and you know what gives you pleasure and enthusiasm for your work.

As a childminder, you of course also need a diploma to work in childcare, First Aid for Children, a current VOG and valid ID. You also have qualities such as being responsible, caring, structured and organized, inspiring, playful and interested. Children may be raised bilingually, but during childcare you speak Dutch with the children. But above all, you have a ♥ for children.