Parents' Committee

Kroostopvang has a Parents' Committee consisting of 3 parents.

The term of office of the Parents' Committee members is 18 months, and then elections are held and the composition may change. The aim is to achieve the most proportionate representation possible of parents from the various cities.

The objective of the Parents' Committee is to look after the interests of all the children and the parents who are affiliated with Kroostopvang. In addition, the Parents' Committee advises on behalf of all parents on the quality of daycare.

What does a Parents' Committee not do?

The Parents' Committee is not the complaints committee for parents. The committee consists exclusively of parents and has a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 7 members.

What does a Parents' Committee do?

Every parent can make a contribution or request advice from the Parents' Committee, and please do so! The committee is, however, a point of contact for parents. We try to promote the various interests - those of Kroostopvang and those of parents and children - in a positive way.

Meetings are held at least three times a year.

Points to be discussed and advice given include the quality policy and the annual adjustment of rates.

It is of course not the intention that members of the Parents' Committee discuss their personal agenda; the subjects must be supported or recognized by as many parents as possible. Let the Parents' Committee know if you have any questions or if you think something could be better. Or work with us on the topics above.


Everyone will be able to follow the activities of the Parents' Committee via Mijn Kroostopvang. The committee has its own e-mail address to which parents can send all their questions and suggestions.