Childminder Mariska says: 

After years of working at a daycare centre, I decided to become a childminder after the birth of our son. I found Kroostopvang by word of mouth. And the first contact was immediately very warm and welcoming. And it still feels that way. No question is treated as stupid. An appointment soon followed with a childminder coach, and she helped me on my way and prepared me for the GGD inspection. 

I love that, in addition to making a good match, Kroostopvang also offers very good guidance, both for me as a childminder and for the requesting parents. There is an objective look at what the best care or guidance is for a child in care.

I greatly enjoy following the courses that Kroostopvang offers, because that keeps me sharp, and I stay informed of the latest developments.

The biggest plus point of Kroostopvang?

For me, it is that I and all requesting parents work with the same regular contact person from day one. She knows us and is involved in the care of the children. That feels very nice and familiar. Thanks to Kroostopvang, I can continue to enjoy my work as a childminder!

Childminder Patricia says:

I chose Kroostopvang because this agency appealed to me in terms of professionalism and stability. Everything is always arranged to perfection: my intake as well as the training to become a childminder. They acted quickly so that I could get started well prepared. 

Kroostopvang distinguishes itself through its personal approach, the good contact and the training offered. What also appeals to me is that I am always kept well informed of what is going on in the childcare sector. 

I was most surprised by the study day and the extra attention on childminder day with a gift. That token of appreciation is well received! Also important is the possibility to further my growth with the PW3 training. 

You need sturdy support if you want to work professionally. Partly thanks to Kroostopvang, I have now become highly professional.

Childminder Roelien says:

Before I registered with Kroostopvang, I looked at their policy and approach extensively. For me, the decisive thing was that the child is also central at Kroostopvang. The parents and the childminder revolve around that. Kroostopvang is very strong in the open relationship between the agency, childminders and parents, and they always offer a listening ear. They are never too busy, and if I am bothered by something, they are there for me.

Moreover, they ensure that you stay up-to-date with courses and workshops. All of that is based on the vision that the best interests of the child are paramount. That is what it is all about.