Working at Kroostopvang

What will your tasks include? 

As a childminder, you work in childcare in your own way. You work very independently, and you have the freedom to design your day in your own way. One moment, you are running through the woods with 5 children; the next, all your attention is for a baby who looks at you after a feeding as if he is asking, 'What now?'

You provide not only of food, hygiene and attention, but also rest and regularity. It sounds old-fashioned, but rest, regularity and cleanliness do form the basis for the healthy development of a child. And you do all this with a  for children.

Where will you work?

As a childminder, you work in your own home.  You are responsible for everything related to the children and your home, which is the daycare location. Kroostopvang looks for parents who fit you and children who fit with your (minded) children. Do you prefer young school-aged children? Or babies, or toddlers? Tell us your preference so that we can take your wishes into account when matching.

What will you learn?

As a childminder, you work every day on the development of children, and you also work on your own development without noticing. You learn to make decisions independently in no time. You learn how you can best shape the collaboration with parents - in a fun app group but also by actively sharing your professional insight. But also how you can collaborate well with Kroostopvang, the childminder coaches and the office staff.

You learn from colleagues you meet during the training sessions and workshops.  And every year, you learn during our Study Day to look at your work with a fresh perspective.

Waarom werken bij Kroostopvang?

Kroostopvang stelt jou persoonlijk kinderen voor die bij jou passen

Je hebt jouw eigen gastouderbegeleider

Volledige begeleiding om geregistreerd gastouder te worden

Kroostopvang schoolt jou bij met leuke trainingen en een jaarlijkse studiedag

Je ontvangt een goede vergoeding en hoeft geen maandstaten in te vullen

Nationale feestdagen worden doorbetaald

Personal contact

Nury Huinck

Carlien Langelaan

Miranda van der Hulst

Kim van Dommelen-Blok

Monique Poirot

Anna Bergman

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