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Prefer childcare in your home?

Kinderopvang Thuis brings childcare to you. A childminder – also called a nanny – focuses exclusively on your children. You go to work with the feeling that life at home continues normally for the children.

The childminder or nanny is there for your children, for raising them and of course for care such as bathing, providing (warm) meals and accompanying them to sports/hobbies.

The nannies meet all the requirements that are set by law. They are happy to employ their expertise to guide children in growing up in the ideal small-scale home situation – at home!

Who are we?

The founders of Kinderopvang Thuis were ‘raised’ in home-based childcare. The philosophy and the method of Kinderopvang Thuis are rooted in years of experience in home-based childcare. This means personal involvement with children and their parents, the conviction that every child can develop at his or her own pace and the belief that children should be allowed to just be children.

Kinderopvang Thuis works together with Gastouderbureau Kroostopvang to offer parents and children the most appropriate form small-scale childcare – provided at home by a certified nanny or at the home of a certified childcare provider.

You can find the website of Kinderopvang Thuis here: